Diverse and Bespoke

Our Suite of Services


We equip commercial, private, and government payers (including managed care organizations) with the resources to develop & implement integrated, sustainable, person-centered, and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions serve as the groundwork for elevated end-to-end administration of beneficiary services. Our team utilizes a holistic approach that includes a thorough knowledge of industry standards, compliance requirements, emerging technologies, model analysis, and care professional orientation.

  • Population Health Management
  • Quality Improvement & Accreditation
  • Risk Adjustment Management
  • CMS Innovation Models Implementation
  • Health IT Support

Our Primary Care Innovation and Transformation approach is multidisciplinary, holistic, and at times, out-of-the-box. Whether a delivery solution rests in technology, infrastructure, education, organization, or simply, the human element, our team is equipped with the insight necessary to deliver tangible, sustainable results that achieve peak efficiency.

  • Capacity & Capability Building 
  • Education & Training 
  • Process Redesign & Workflow Optimization 
  • Data Analytics & IT Solution Support 

Our approach involves the implementation of a methodology that is, above all, comprehensive, unified, and thorough. We have extensive experience in providing advisory & management support to clients that include individual practitioners, medical groups, and large-scale healthcare systems. The first step involves consulting with leadership to determine the needs their particular organization requires. From there, we establish a complete cost-effective strategy. Ultimately, the acceleration of action and meticulousness of care that results goes to benefit the patient the most.

  • Program Management & Change Management.
  • Revenue Cycle Management 
  • Executive Consulting 
  • Staff Training


Featured Medicalincs Programs

MCO Executive Advisory

Medicalincs Service Area: Healthcare Advisory & Management

Our executive consultants support healthcare executives with strategy planning and opportunity assessment to improve organizational performance, and also prep for board presentations. This “top-down” attention takes particular care to keep the value of the executives’ time closely in mind, which is why we pride ourselves in our ability to be thorough in brevity. 

Post-Acute Care Advisory

Medicalincs Service Area: Value-Based Care Solutions

We work with hospital and post-hospital systems to identify post-acute care solutions. We understand the health system incentives and market challenges driving collaboration with post-acute care providers. Our solutions address avoidable utilization (readmissions and average hospital length of stay), and ensure patient care management across healthcare settings.

MDPCP Learning Academy

Medicalincs Service Area: Primary Care Innovation & Transformation

Medicalincs established a Primary Care Transformation Learning Academy. Our curricula are bespoke from client to client. We developed and conducted a series of comprehensive, in-person and web-based, hands-on training sessions on advanced primary care (Maryland Primary Care Program [MDPCP]), tailored to practice staff, providers, and community workers.

REM Program

Medicalincs Service Area: Healthcare Advisory & Management

Medicalincs is a Rare and Expensive Case Management (REM) Program provider. The REM Program is a part of the Maryland Medicaid HealthChoice Program, and supports individuals with specified rare and expensive conditions, with an integrated, community-based methodology. This provides the patient access to appropriate, high-quality, care coordination.

Healthlincs CTO

Medicalincs Service Area: Primary Care Innovation & Transformation

Healthlincs Care Transformation Organization partners with the Maryland Department of Health and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) to implement the new Maryland Primary Care Program (MDPCP), launched January 1, 2019. As a Care Transformation Organization, we provide primary care providers with support via care management personnel, infrastructure, and technical assistance


Medicalincs is a specialized healthcare advisory and management services firm that supports commercial and government health organizations.