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We provide the knowledge, infrastructure, and human capital that enable healthcare organizations to maximize efficiency & ROI.
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What We Do

We pride ourselves on providing Integrated Solutions as a Service (ISaaS). In every tier of the healthcare industry, inconsistencies can exist that cause administrative burden, unnecessary costs, decreased morale, and a subpar outcome for population health. At Medicalincs, our goal is to provide healthcare delivery systems that streamline processes from the inside-out, in a holistic, customized manner. Relying on our extensive clinical, business, and technical expertise, we work closely with our clients to install the human and technological mechanisms that inspire communication, maximize efficiency, and promote education.

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Our Suite of Services


We equip commercial, private, and government payers (including managed care organizations) with the resources to develop & implement integrated, sustainable, person-centered, and cost-effective solutions. Our solutions serve as the groundwork for elevated end-to-end administration of beneficiary services. Our team utilizes a holistic approach that includes a thorough knowledge of industry standards, compliance requirements, emerging technologies, model analysis, and care professional orientation.

– Population Health Management
– Quality Improvement & Accreditation
– Risk Adjustment Management
– CMS Innovation Models Implementation
– Health IT Support


Our Primary Care Innovation and Transformation approach is multidisciplinary, holistic, and at times, out-of-the-box. Whether a delivery solution rests in technology, infrastructure, education, organization, or simply, the human element, our team is equipped with the insight necessary to deliver tangible, sustainable results that achieve peak efficiency.

– Capacity & Capability Building 
– Education & Training 
– Process Redesign & Workflow Optimization 
– Data Analytics & IT Solution Support 


Our approach involves the implementation of a methodology that is, above all, comprehensive, unified, and thorough. We have extensive experience in providing advisory & management support to clients that include individual practitioners, medical groups, and large-scale healthcare systems. The first step involves consulting with leadership to determine the needs their particular organization requires. From there, we establish a complete cost-effective strategy. Ultimately, the acceleration of action and meticulousness of care that results goes to benefit the patient the most.

– Program Management & Change Management.
– Revenue Cycle Management 
– Executive Consulting 
– Staff Training

Why Medicalincs

Integrated & Cost effective Approach
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40% Improved Utilization

>30% reduction in ED visits
>40% reduction in hospitalizations

99.5% Project Performance

1.2 Cost Performance Index
92% Team Productivity
99.5% deliverables approval

Workforce Development

97% training attendance rate, 35% knowledge gain, 80% Knowledge application Readiness.

90% Patient Satisfaction

In CG-CAHPS Survey &, Program-specific surveys

3:1 ROI

Guaranteed return on Investment;
by employing a multifaceted,
customized, approach to solutions.

Always Ahead

Always evolving in this complex, industry; and our experts work in harmony with leadership, clinical,& business.

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